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80% of the heat emitted from your home goes out the windows

by | Jan 28, 2018 | Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Passive House, Retrofitting

Home owners face many challenges and opportunities when deciding how to make their renovation ideas a reality.

With all the energy conservation and environmental issues in front of us the task of determining the most efficient method often leaves a home owner looking for advice.

The best advice I can give you is: take the time to talk to General contractors or consultants who are familiar with the new approaches to designing energy efficient homes.
The key to this approach is implementing a strategy that will prevent any current projects form becoming obsolete or unable to match the new building codes that will arrive in 2032.

For instance, 80% of the heat emitted from your home goes out the windows. Literally! Current double pane windows are rated at the minimum level. Triple pane windows have been the standard in Europe for years and will become standard for us here in North America. Most window manufacturers have triple pane windows available. A savy home owner needs to align themselves with forward-thinking window companies. It’s the right thing to do for the environment and the pocket book. These days you can order windows from around the world, although I would suggest you buy as local as possible, environmentally speaking.

The advantages of triple pane windows are huge. They minimize the amount of heat escaping through your windows and will pay you back not just in dollars but more importantly, in comfort.

No more drafty windows that are uncomfortable to be near due to cold air seeping in through the glass.

Equally important is to make certain that the window has been installed with absolutely no air leaks. And I mean NO air leaks. There are steps which need to be taken that any qualified window installer should follow which can guarantee a leak-free window. You can and should ask your contractor how they intend on making your new windows air tight.

Your home may leak in other areas but if you approach your renovations holistically you can remove air leaks one project at time.



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