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Air Quality and Comfort

by | Mar 4, 2018 | Air Quality, Comfort, Passive House, Renovations, Retrofitting

I recently came out of a meeting where a builder friend of mine had a client who is considering building a single-family Passive home. The client was concerned not being able to recoup their investment, 10 years down the road, due to the value of homes in the surrounding area.

While I was listening to my friend, I was thinking about how this mature couple are in their late 60’s early 70’s with disposable income, from a recent large property deal, were concerned about the value of the property 10 years out.

This client has not been sold on the benefits of the quality of air that you surround yourself on a day to day basis while living in a passive certified home.

I can’t stress enough how great or different or awesome it is to live in this environment.

I believe that once the public grabs a hold of this news they will most certainly not let it go. I live in a Passive home. I have lived in a home with in floor radiant heat, a ground source heat pump, electric and lastly forced air gas furnace. These environments pale in comparison to the air quality I get from my current Passive Home. I will not and I repeat “will not” live in another environment.  This is the bomb. The cat’s ass, the Cadillac of Environments. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s awesome

Just think coming home and the air smells fresh, the air is evenly tempered from your feet to your head in every room and I mean every room basement included. So little dust my wife and I are considering getting rid of our cleaner. Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But it truly is a drastic difference than any other type of environment I’ve lived in.

So regardless of what the “value of your property will be 10 years out” or the minimal added cost of construction is, think about your health.

With all that is going on with our environment, our food, our water, and the fight we are all in to preserve these precious resources, surrounding yourself with an environment that will give you the best chance at a healthy, long life should be paramount in your decision making when considering buying or building a Passive Home.

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