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The Dark Side of the Coanda Effect; Part 2

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Renovations, Retrofitting

Last week, we outlined the positive ways the Coanda effect can be used in your Passively styled home. Now we will outline the drawbacks of how uncomfortable the Coanda effect can be in a regular house. It sneaks in with even less detection than silverfish or a family of spiders, but you’ll feel the discomfort much more often. Luckily, it is an easy retrofitting project that can keep you comfortable all winter long.

Where is that draft coming from?!

How often do you find yourself sitting at your desk, against a wall, and feel that familiar chill of winter creep up your pant legs? How does it even get that far?? You can thank the Coanda effect for that draft travelling all the way from your single pane windows and sparsely insulated walls. Used properly, the Coanda effect can bring fresh, comfortable air to spread evenly through your home. When a home is built to code standard, but not to a comfort standard, you will feel the negative side of this phenomenon.

How do I get rid of it?

A big part of a cold home in the winter is the thinly insulated walls we in Canada have gotten used to. Instead, we crank the heat, only for it to slowly leak through the wall, hiking up your hydro bill and keeping a consistent draft in your home. What do you do? Luckily, there are options aside from buying a whole new house. While this is an ideal option, it’s a big decision, and smaller fixes can be applied in the present. Consider Passively retrofitting your home,to get a taste of the comfort Passive home owners enjoy. While many elements are needed for a home to be considered Passive, you can enjoy some benefits with a Passive retrofit in the meantime.

My house is covered in windows! What do I do?

Simply by adding the proper insulation to your walls will do wonders in reducing the drafts. Creating a complete airtight envelope in your home will cut any drafts out completely. Better yet, consider triple pane windows as well. Much of the chilly draft you feel is coming from single pane windows, and triple pane windows can complete to an airtight enveloped room to be the most comfortable you have ever lived in. Have you ever wondered why your radiator was placed under the windows in your home? It’s to counteract the cold air coming in from your window! We assume that a radiator is to add heat to the room. Also, many of them are placed strategically to offset the cold air coming through poorly insulated windows and walls.

There are many options for cutting out that cold winter draft. Call Nino for a Passive retrofit quote today.


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