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Energy Loss Up Top; How Your Roof is Betraying You

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Affordable, Energy Efficiency, Renovations, Retrofitting

This is the time of year we revisit our attics and feel that harsh chill of the outdoors in our own home. But is it problematic for your attic to be cold? Not necessarily. Alternatively, your attic may feel like sauna, and that is a problem. What needs to be considered is the heat loss, and a warm attic means your second-floor heat is escaping through the roof. Did you know your attic needs one to two feet of insulation between the second-floor ceiling and the attic? If snow and frost remains on your roof all winter, that is an excellent indication that your attic is working as it should. Consider the study below, which found many Canadian homes to be lacking the proper insulation for our winter months.

Recent Study Shows Energy Loss Stats in Canadian Homes

Naima Canada released results from a study of Canadian homes of all ages, brand new to a few hundred years old, and the results are startling. From approximately 634,000 houses studied, homes with attics represent 49% of retrofitting potential due to a lack of proper insulation. With an approximate 8 million dwellings here in Canada, the study survey represents over a sixteenth of our homes, so it’s safe to say a fair assessment was done. Of these homes, the largest provinces (Ontario, Quebec, B.C. and Alberta) represents 88% of this potential. The potential savings are phenomenal. If full retrofits were achieved for underperforming homes, we would save 3.1 billion m3 in natural gas, 12.3 billion kWh in electricity, and 742 million liters of fuel oil. That translates to a reduction of 4.26 million tones a year in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Looking at the Financials of Energy Loss

Financially speaking, how much are you losing? It’s different for every home. The Canadian mortgage and Housing Corporations states that homes built between the 1950s and the 1980s lose about 25% more heat than homes built after 2010. Space heating accounts for about 60% of your residential energy use. With that in mind, how much less would you be paying if your home was properly insulated, with air-tightness? Their first suggestion is adding insulation to the ceiling and attic, because as we all know, heat rises. Adding insulation to your second floor room ceilings can prevent this. So, if we aren’t properly insulated, it is rising up and out of our homes, and we are effectively heating up our neighborhood instead of our own home!

There is a lot you can do when retrofitting your home. Starting with the top and working your way down could prove to be an efficient way to save energy, and there are many steps you can take to improve your homes energy efficiency. Find out how to save money here on your retrofit with incentives.

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