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Gas vs Induction

by | Sep 2, 2018 | Air Quality, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Passive House, Renovations

So I’ve been building and promoting Passive Design/ Inspired Construction of residential homes for a few years now. The one question I always get asked is: “can we have a gas stove in the kitchen”?

There are pros and cons to both sides but the misconceptions people have regarding Gas fired stoves have been ingrained in us for many years. I don’t think it matters that Induction is more efficient, cooking time is faster and (depending on the source of energy) it is better for the environment. I think the number one reason for using Induction is the air quality within your home.

The industry dose not tell you how “dirty” the gas fumes really are. Consider the fact your burning fossil fuel and hovering over it while you cook. Does any ventilation get rid of 100% of the fumes.? The answer is absolutely not.

So can I purpose that we stop believing gas as a desirable cooking source and consider educating ourselves on the benefits, environmentally AND more importantly the Health benefits of cooking on an Induction stove.

Any if anyone out there can tell me how many chemicals are emitted from burning gas within you home please forward….



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