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How did we get used to settling for less? Triple Paned Windows vs. Double Paned Windows

by | May 9, 2017 | Energy Efficiency, Passive House

We see it everyday, and most of us don’t think twice about it. But why exactly do we do it? It’s not actually to counteract the cold draught from the window, as it may seem but still, it is becoming an outdated practice. This is because the purpose of its positioning is made to off-set the cold draught that would normally sink to the ground and moves outwards. The radiator is there to push hot air upwards, therefore moving the cold air up as well, so you get a warmish room with the mix of cold draught and heating. OK, so what are our options?

The Canadian Double Paned Glass Standard

Double pane glass is a standard in Canada for its energy efficiency, in comparison to its single paned predecessor. This is because Canada experiences highs and lows of temperature that other parts of North America do not. But it isn’t good enough. You still feel the cold air off your double paned windows, and you’re still settling for a draughty room with air that is kind of warm, and not well circulated. The logic behind it made sense 20 years ago, but is it still relevant with the options we have today?

The New 2017 Standard

The reason triple paned glass is necessary to build a home to the Passivhaus standard is because of its highly-improved efficiency from its predecessor, the double paned window. Its efficiency is 20 to 30% higher than that of a double paned window, and you certainly don’t need a radiator to off-set a draught, because there won’t be one. Instead of working counter intuitively like the radiator under the window concept, a Passive home works with Coanda effect to rejuvenate the air flow in your home and keep it a consistent, comfortable temperature. The radiator underneath underperforming windows was simply offsetting the negative aspects of the Coanda effect, rather than working with it, like a Passive house does.

Comfort that New World Ideas Afford to us

Triple paned windows are just the beginning of an entirely new approach to energy efficiency at home. When we make small improvements to our home, it counts towards a better standard of living. We all benefit from living in an environmentally friendly world. Too often we hear the word “energy conservation” in BC Hydro advertisements, and it’s the negative approach to a positive solution. They’d rather you put a sweater on and use a little less hydro to conserve, than replace your entire system with a Passive house and live in a resourceful new world of passive energy comfort.
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