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Location, Location, Location

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Affordable, Energy Efficiency, Passive House

Does your home make the most of where its situated?

One of the best ways to heat a passive home is staring you right in the face every day. It makes your car too hot to sit in on summer days, and heats a lakes water to the perfect temperature for a dip. The sun is a powerful energy source that, when used correctly, can save you from having to use a boiler or any heat sources in the cold winters Canada experiences. Cars aren’t built to be passively heated, so a hot summer day can make the first ten minutes of your drive unbearable. But magic happens when the interior of a home can be optimized to use the suns energy proactively in both the summer and winter.

Planning your new home to make the most of solar energy is an easy and cost effective way to save even more on future energy costs. Your Passivehaus consultant starts his work with a compass, and from there can find out exactly how to make use of window placement and structure. Considering your location, whether it be in a sun filled micro climate or a plot of land in an urban rainforest, is the first step to making use of the predictable nature of the suns rotational habits.

What else is it good for?

You can also take pleasure in a much higher rate of natural light, which has proven effects on your mood all year long. Even in our cold and dark winters, the cloudy weather can still offer natural light, that is much more beneficial to a lovely ambience in your homes main rooms. There are many ways to incorporate solar energy into your homes design, and it can be used in even the most sun deprived plots of land. Using skylights for tree populated plots, or a roof overhang to reduce high exposure from the high summer sun are two sides of the spectrum for maximizing your homes location.

There are many ways to utilize the suns energy into your homes design. Contact your local Passive house consultant to find out what you can do for your new build or retrofit plans to improve the use of the solar energy in your area.

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