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by | Nov 7, 2016 | Affordable, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Passive House, Retrofitting

When you’re considering using passive building techniques for your development project, there is a lot to take into consideration. Building to the Passive House standard reliably reduces heating and cooling costs of a building by approximately 90%. It also can count up to a 75% reduction in your homes overall energy demand. But these aren’t the only things a passive building standard will do for you.

The Passive Housing Standard Produces Consistent Results

The clear methodology used in Passive House building ensures a projects success through a globally recognized energy model referred to as the Passive House Planning Package. It is available through the same organization that certifies construction personnel to develop Passive House projects, the Passivhaus Institut. This clearly outlined package makes it possible for everyone involved in the construction process to thoroughly use all techniques to a defined standard.

It’s an Affordable Upfront Cost that Pays off Big in the Long Run

While developing a Passively built house may cost 5 or 10% more than a regular build, the benefits far outweigh the small initial upgrade. Consider the current bills you have in heating and cooling alone for your current home. Imagine paying 10% of these costs, for the rest of your life in your new Passively built home. Many provinces offer incentive programs to build green, too. In British Columbia, there are 55 programs that offer Canadians tax rebates and deductions for living green. BC Hydro along with the Provincial Government offer these incentives. More can be found on the Natural Resources Canada site here.

A Passive House is a Clean Air House

We get so excited about saving money, that we forget about the simple quality of life you’ll enjoy when you have a Passively built house. A few things contribute to this. The airtight design, high quality windows and proper insulation contribute to the most comfortable living environment in a few ways. There’s no drafts in a Passively built home. There’s also the continuous low-volume ventilation system that provides filtered fresh air to living and working spaces by exhausting stale air from the bathroom and kitchen. It’s a comfort you won’t know until you have, and you won’t be able to go back from once you have this standard of living.

The Future of the Planet Depends on Passive Buildings Replacing Old, Energy Wasting Buildings

The more Passively built houses we build today, the greener the future looks for our future generations. City dwellers know this all to well; the smell of burning gas, the light pollution blocking our view of stars, the streets covered in leaking car oil. We have constant reminders of the need to change our ways. The industrial age has ended, and Passive housing is a big part of the movement to a greener future. The less demand we put on Hydro and energy supplies the better. Not only does that effect the market of energy consumption, but it directly contributes to a healthier planet.


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