So, what is a passive home and why do you need one?

Passive homes are low carbon, energy efficient residences. Part of the low-energy-building movement, these homes will promote a more sustainable, healthy environment. Passive homes follow a rigorous standard for energy efficiency. These ultra-low energy homes require much less energy for space heating or cooling than standard homes.

How do we do this?

Some of the principles applied through passive building include super insulation, airtightness (specific parameters around air leakage), advanced window technology, and caveats around lighting and electrical appliances. It may sound complicated but we know what we are doing and wow, does it ever make a difference. We are the first EnerPhit Designated Passive Home Builder in Canada. The Princess home was the First EnerPhit registered property in Canada!

This process is applicable to nearly every building type, including retrofits of existing buildings.

Passive House buildings consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings.

This process is applicable to nearly every building type, including retrofits of existing buildings.

Passive House buildings consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings.

Benefits of passive design

Help reduce, energy bills Improve the comfort and quality of the interior environment. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation, and lighting. Reduce the need for mechanical systems, thereby reducing the resources required to manufacture them. Make alternative energy systems viable.

Innovative: Passive House is a modern building standard that opens up completely new perspectives for architects and engineers. Industry is responding positively to Passive House driven market needs by developing highly efficient, pioneering products and making them available on the market. Passive House, as such, drives economies and innovation. An investment in comfort and efficiency thus adds value throughout the supply chain.

Energy efficient Building energy efficiency is valued by buyers, as shown by early Passive House sales and survey data. A 2016 survey, conducted by BC Hydro, of BC residents planning to purchase or build a home found 92-94% consider energy efficiency a marketable feature in a home, 76% agree high performance homes provide high levels of comfort, health and quality. Only 2-3% felt it does not really matter.

Just as a vacuum flask keeps drinks at the desired temperature, the well-insulated envelope of a Passive House keeps indoor areas at a pleasant temperature. Passive Houses are characterized by consistent temperatures on all interior surfaces and constant indoor climates without temperature swings or draughts – during cold winter months as well as hot summer periods. At the same time, a Passive House building’s superior ventilation system ensures ample fresh air at room temperature and makes for high indoor air quality.

Energy efficiency lies at the heart of the Passive House concept. Over the course of a year, a Passive House building uses no more than the equivalent of 1.5 litres of oil or 1.5 m³ of natural gas (15kWh) to heat each square metre of living space. This can equate to a more than 90 percent reduction in space heating and cooling energy use as compared to consumption in typical building stock. In comparison, a conventional new build still requires 6 to 10 or even more litres of oil per year and square metre of living space, depending on building quality and location.

Focus on energy performance and commoditization of net zero energy homes. Aimed at advancing the commoditization of net zero energy homes, the approach focused on homes that can be built today using technologies already available on the market that meet industry standards and regulations. Technologies were limited to pre-engineered products and systems (e.g. versus custom mechanical systems), which helped to ensure that the technologies could be more accurately modelled and provided assurance with regard to their long-term performance in our climate.

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