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CASE STUDY: Yale Street Passive Home
Grande Pacific Homes Presents: 2734 Yale St

2734 Yale St is owned by Karin Davidson, a brilliant and successful Real Estate agent in the lower mainland. She approached me to build her a new home back in 2019. Karin had heard about the Princess EnerPhit Passive home and was interested in using my services.

At first, Karin did not want to build a Passive Home because she thought the lack of a gas-fired stove would impede her ability to cook and bake. Which, may I say, she is terrific at. But once I explained to her that yes, you can have a gas line running into your home and that it would require extra consideration during the design stage.

The main question is: Not if, But why? Why would you want to add a gas line into your home, considering all the adverse conditions? Karin thought that it would impede her ability to bake. But today, the advances in electrical cooktops and ovens far outpace gas-fired appliances’ limitations. And within the next couple of years, the City of Vancouver will be eliminating gas from being installed in new residential buildings. Furthermore, it’s not the right thing to do. It’s a dirty form of energy.

Karin’s second concern was the cost. “How much more will it cost me,” she asked. When I first started building Passive Homes back in 2015, the cost of building to this high standard of construction was about 10-15% more than a typical code-compliant home. Since then, however, products, materials, and labor skills have all caught up with this superior form of construction to the point that, with proper initial planning, the cost of build Passive versus a Code Compliant home is virtually the same.

I pointed out to her the benefits of going Passive and how they would easily outweigh any additional cost. Just imagine entering your home in any season and breathing in air 99.9% free of any allergens and dust. The air is constantly circulating around your home in every room at a rate of 90CFM’s. Or walking up to a window, in the middle of winter, not feeling any cold air coming in from the windows and flowing down towards your feet. We call this the Coanda Effect.

These, were but a few of the many benefits. Now she would never live in anything but a Passive Home.

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