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Say no to Site “C” Dam and Yes to Site “P” PassiveHaus

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Affordable, Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting

When politics and environmental issues mix, the outcome is rarely a smooth transaction. It’s easy enough to turn a blind eye with so many other worrying things in the news. Many are caught up in the Kinder Morgan fight against the Burnaby mountain pipeline and the Site C dam project, and it is high time we start to look at more sustainable methods of energy creation and conservation. Here’s why we think more attention to be put towards fixing our future conditions as well as fighting the present politics.

It’s always more productive to concentrate on improvement

It’s no secret that Passive building is the most energy efficient standard to date, and its growth in popularity proves it. We need the fighters to protest Dam “C” and other disastrous profitable government disasters waiting to happen, but in the meantime what do the rest of us do? It takes each of us as individuals to make sound choices that will positively affect our future and the future of generations ahead. While some of us are content paying an arm and a leg to heat our home in the winter, the environmental impact of excessive energy use has now come into fruition. Meet Dam “C”. Had we started building our homes Passively in Canada when Europe did, Dam “C” would probably have never been seen or heard of. Our ever-growing dependency on crude oils and creating energy in gargantuan proportions that are guaranteed to negatively impact the beautiful province we live in.

We can fight our present conditions like Site “C” and improve our future together

Every big movement starts small. Passivehaus started out with one house in Germany. It could be argued that the idea of Passive building in the middle ages, when 17th and 18th century Europe experienced a timber crisis. Europe turned to coal mining, but Iceland didn’t have that option, so they were forced to create turf houses. The turf rooves effectively insulated homes even better than the timber did. You don’t need to sell your home and build a Passively built one to make a difference. It starts with the little decisions. With so many financial and environmental incentives, we need to consider the efficiency of our homes as energy. It can start with replacing your windows with triple paned options, and you can build on it with proper insulation. Retrofitting is a popular option, especially on the West Coast where a small home can go for over a million dollars in some neighbourhoods. An energy retrofit can increase the value of your home. More importantly, it will immediately increase the value of your time at home. The benefits are obvious. It’s time to do the research and see what a Passive retrofit can do for your home and comfort.
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