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Why use Passive House Building Techniques?

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Affordable, Energy Efficiency, Passive House, Renovations, Retrofitting

Passive house building is a construction technique widely used in Europe and is gaining traction in North America for it’s energy efficiency. The more socially conscious North America has become, the more traction Passive Building has gained.

Why Should I Care?

It’s painfully obvious our dependency on energy has become too much for the sources it is mined from, our planet and most of all, our wallets. Society has become complacent with sub par quality in every aspect of our lives. “They don’t make them like they used to” can be applied in nearly every market out there. Many people would consider their house to be the number one investment, rightfully so. What’s the difference between a low cost build and a house built with passive building techniques? You save thousands and thousands of dollars in energy costs, years of comfort and peace of mind knowing you are part of the world energy solution.

What’s In It For Me?

  • Passive Houses allow for space heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared to average new builds. Passive Houses use less than 1.5 l of oil or 1.5 m3 of gas to heat one square meter of living space for a year. This is substantially less than most “low-energy” buildings. Vast energy savings have been shown in warm climates where buildings also require active cooling.
  • A Passive House make efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery. This simple method makes a conventional heating systems unnecessary throughout even the coldest of winters. During warmer months, Passive Houses make use of passive cooling techniques such as strategic shading to keep comfortably cool.
  • Passive Houses offer much more comfort than regular homes. There are no chilly drafts in a Passive Home. The internal surface temperatures are virtually the same as indoor air temperatures, even in extreme outdoor temperatures. Appropriate windows and a building envelope consisting of a highly insulated roof and floor slab as well as highly insulated exterior walls keep the desired temperature in the house.
  • A ventilation system imperceptibly supplies constant fresh air, making for superior air quality without unpleasant draughts. A highly efficient heat recovery unit will allow for the heat contained in the exhaust air to be re-used.

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Simply Explained

We are certified to consult on home builds that will save you up to 90% in future energy costs. Your home is the most energy devouring expense in your life. So feel good about reducing your ecological footprint by building passively. We build perceptively designed ventilation systems that seamlessly removes odors and regulates humidity. At the same time, it’s regulating the temperature of each room. These are all attributes of a comfortable, low energy Passive Home.


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